Friday, 13 April 2018

Vogue 8825 and McCalls 7465

So two for the price of one this week!  Vogue 8825 is a pullover wrap dress and I love it.  I cut a size 14 and raised the waist by 1".

It has a wrapped bodice and long ties which give the waist a lovely definition.  The sleeves are full bishop sleeves (made of two pieces) gathered into a cuff.   I cut 1" off the length of the sleeve and made the cuff a lot narrower by 1.5".    It's really important to get the sleeve tight at the cuff.  This did make the cuff very fiddly to sew, and am I the only one in the world this has happened to but I managed to get my finger stuck in the machine, panicked, turned the machine off, couldn't then get my finger out and ended up with a nasty cut!  Otherwise ,I enjoyed sewing it and particularly as Sian from Kittenish Behaviour had vlogged this as a sewalong.

I used stretch interfacing at the neckline, which makes it a nice snug fit and also in the cuffs.  I like the raglan sleeve and the gathers at the waist.  There are two darts in the back.

The fabric is a 4 way stretch jersey bought from the liberty man at Birmingham rag market.   It was only £6 a metre.  It is a liberty print, though I think not genuine liberty as it ran a bit in the wash, but it's still good enough.  There is a long story about how I ended up with enough for 2 dresses involving overlocking a bodice through the middle, it took about 4 metres for both.  So the second dress I made is McCalls 7465, a pullover dolman sleeved dress.

This is a pretty different dress.  It has a cowl neck.

You gather a very long side in the skirt and mount it on some powermesh and add elastic to the waist.  This does mean there is quite a bit of weight in the skirt, which may pull over time.

The sleeves are great, but you do have to keep adjusting them.   It's an interesting dress, but I wouldn't make this one again.